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Sunday: Morning Prayer at 8:45am. Holy Communion with music at 9:30am.

Tuesday: Evening Prayer at 6:30pm. Holy Communion said at 7:00pm.

Thursday: Morning Prayer at 9:00am. Holy Communion said at 9:30am.




All Are Welcome

St. Peter's Episcopal Church has been celebrating ministry in West Allis, Milwaukee's largest suburb, for over 125 years. 

If you are visiting us just for today, enjoy some conversation and coffee and may God remain by your side on your journey. If you are seeking a church home, welcome into our parish family. You're among friends.    

God calls us all into a unifying Communion.  We are all made in God's image.  In a world that grows ever more divisive and judgmental, we believe we are called to be tolerant and quick to forgive.  We seek to better understand one another.  We appreciate that individuals view the world through many different lenses.    We aren't a "right/wrong" community.    We are a "both/rather" community.

We act humbly.  We understand that the Church is less a haven for saints than a hospital for all others.  God freely offers us his Grace, empowering us to forgive and love one another.

We're thinking people.   We believe in human reason.  God has given us the gift of intellectual inquiry and expects us to develop that gift.   We have more unanswered questions than answers.  We have doubts, but we also have faith, believing that some things are meant to be beyond our grasp and remain a mystery. 

We worship formally and informally.  It prepares us for action in our community - feeding the hungry, modeling tolerance, expressing compassion, and practicing forgiveness with those we encounter each day.

God sets the table and – All Are Welcome.   Come join us.