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Sunday: Morning Prayer at 8:45am. Holy Communion with music at 9:30am.  Coffee Hour afterwards.

Tuesday: Evening Prayer at 6:30pm. Holy Communion said at 7:00pm.

Thursday: Morning Prayer at 9:00am. Holy Communion said at 9:30am.


HOLY WEEK - Palm Sunday thru Easter Day

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All Are Welcome

St. Peter's Episcopal Church has been celebrating ministry in West Allis for over 125 years. West Allis is the largest suburb of Milwaukee; Wisconsin's largest city.

If you are visiting us just for today, may God be with you on your journey. If you are seeking a church home, welcome into our parish family. May you feel at home and among friends.    

God sets the table and invites all to recieve the body and blood of Christ – old or young, rich or poor, single, married, divorced, widowed, orphaned – All Are Welcome.

We approach matters of faith and practice in moderation.  Our central theme is Love and Grace.  We understand that the Church is more a hospital for sinners than a haven for saints.

We are all children of God; made in his image.   In a world that grows ever more divisive, we believe tolerance is our true call to action.    We seek to better understand one another and appreciate that individuals will see the world in many different ways.    We aren't a "right/wrong" community.    We are a "both/rather" community.

We are a thinking person's Church.   There is no war between the Bible and human conventions (especially science), We encourage questions.  We understand that doubt exists.   We embrace that reality.  

We believe in a balance among biblical scripture, liturgical tradition, and human reason.  All matters of faith need to be viewed and perceived through multiple lenses. No one is stronger or more important than the others. 

We know that there aren't simplistic answers to challenging questions.  The world is complex.  God has given us the gifts of intellectual inquiry.  He expects us to use those gifts.  There are some things that are just too complex for us to wrap our finite minds around.  God is infinite; we are not.  We believe that some things are beyond our grasp and meant to remain a mystery. 

At every service we have multiple Scripture readings, along with a portion of the Psalms.  At Morning and Evening Prayer there are also multiple Scripture readings.  Because our readings are dictated by a prescribed lectionary schedule, we get a fuller hearing of ALL the Scriptures, not just a few common or popular ones.

We do not interpret the Bible literally.  We understand that as the ancient authors were inspired by God, they had to put that inspiration into words and concepts that would be able to be understood in their times, two to three thousand years ago. Now with our better understanding of the world through science and other intellectual pursuits, we see a larger picture, one which they would not have been able to conceive.  We also understand its complexity.   Because we believe that Holy Scripture was inspired, not dictated, we end Scripture readings with the phrase "The Word of the Lord" and not "The Words of the Lord".

We have a set service format.  It gives us a foundation in which to grow our faith.  The words found in our Prayer Book come straight from scripture and help us to focus in on worship.  This consistent and familiar structure allows one to feel at home at any Episcopal/Anglican Church in the world - even if conducted in a foreign language. 

We worship actively.  The nature of our particpation varies based on our interests and talents.  We welcome new acolytes, lectors, and choir members.

We believe that salvation is an on-going process.  It starts when we are baptized.  We are nurtured by Holy Communion every Sunday when we come to the Altar rail to receive the Blessed Sacrament. We believe that we need to be honest with God and ourselves.  We understand we need to take responsibility for our faults and wrongs.  This continues our growth Godward and toward salvation in this life - and beyond. 

God sets the table and invites all to recieve the body and blood of Christ – old or young, rich or poor, single, married, divorced, widowed, orphaned – All Are Welcome.   Come join us.